5 Fun and Fashionable DIY Winter Crafts

winter crafts

A New Year is finally upon us, offering up opportunities to start anew; it’s time to get those resolutions rolling and get crafting! With winter weather at its peak for many places around the U.S. (especially this week), that’s exactly what you need to be doing to keep busy if you’re stuck inside, keeping your mind and fingers busy.

And just because we have to bundle up to stay warm this time of year doesn’t mean we can’t look cute doing it. For those of you who are looking for a fresh, fashion-forward winter wardrobe that will also keep you warm and cozy, this is the post for you! We scoured the internet to find some fun DIY projects that have all of the above covered.

Here are five DIY winter crafts that will keep you looking hot in the cold winter weather:

1.)  Snuggly Bow Headband via Clones N Clowns

Turn a pair of old knit tights into a cozy bow headband with this step-by-step tutorial! Not everyone is crazy about wearing a hat on their head to keep ears warm outside. With this craft, you not only have a new hair accessory, but a cute way to keep those ears shielded from the wind.

2.) DIY Long Gloves via Born in ’82

Long gloves are always in and a great and edgy way to keep you warm and cozy whether inside or out. The best part about these is that you can choose whatever pattern you like! If you have a collection of old sweaters gathering dust, you can even make a whole collection to go with multiple outfits. (Or save some material to tackle a few other projects!)

3.) Studded Neck Warmer via My Junky Box

Add any kind of accents to your DIY neck warmer that you like; buttons, studs, pearls, use your imagination to fit your personal style. If you’re looking for a little something with an edge to go with your ‘going out’ outfits, studs are perfect!

4.) DIY Sweater Boots via Urban Threads

The only thing cuter than wearing a sweater on your body, is wearing them on your feet. It’s the best way to keep those tootsies looking cute and staying cozy. Urban Threads provides us with a great tutorial using an old sweater, cheap flat shoes, some glue and sewing skills. You’ll have cute, slouchy sweater boots in no time!

5.) Lace Sweatshirt via P.S. – I made this

Have an old sweatshirt laying around? Easily turn what may seem like an outdated piece of clothing into something fashionable by breathing life into it with lace trim. You dress up almost anything with lace and believe it or not, old sweatshirts are far from an exception to that rule!

Happy crafting, fashion lovers!

Beat the Winter Blues with These Spring Crafts


With the dreary winter weather continuing into the month of February, now is the perfect time to brighten up your home with some spring crafts. Escape from the snow and ice with brightly colored ribbons, lace and appliqués. We love the idea of creating a cheery appearance with flowers, pastels and DIY projects that can decorate your home. Here are just a few craft ideas to get you inspired:

easter bunny appliqueFabric Bunny Wreath

Every crafter has piles of leftover lace and ribbon floating around, and this scrap fabric wreath is the perfect way to decorate your door for the spring season! All you need is two wire hangers, some extra wire and a bunch of fabric strips between four and five inches in length. Mold your hangers into shape and secure them into position with your extra wire, then cover up the frame by tying your fabric scraps on. Not only are you making a gorgeous wreath, but you are also getting rid of all the extra fabric floating around your crafting station!

For instructions, click here.

Button and Lace Easter Eggs

Whether you are looking for a centerpiece for your dinner table or a festive addition to your mantle, a basket full of button and lace Easter eggs is a beautiful spring themed addition to your home. The example from CraftsnCoffee.com uses neutral hues, but we love the idea of creating bright and fun eggs with pastel buttons a lace. A great craft to try with your kids, this is a fun – and clean – alternative to coloring eggs.

For instructions, click here.

easter egg appliqueApplique Pillow Covers

A simple way to add a touch of the season to your bedroom or living room, create a spring-y appliqué scene on a pillow cover. From Easter eggs to flowers and bunnies, the possibilities are endless. You can even swap out your pillow covers every season to create a continuous festive look throughout the year.

Looking for buttons, lace, ribbon or appliqués for your next craft project? Lace Heaven has everything you need to make your next DIY experience a success. Don’t forget to share your completed crafts with us on our Facebook page!

Create a Beautiful Lace Pendant

Bold and unique jewelry that you wear probably gets you a lot of compliments as you go about your day; but some of the jewelry that’s available online and in major stores these days is so ordinary and re-done. Why not try making your own, unique piece of jewelry that will look perfect with each of your favorite fall outfits? Read on to learn how to make lace pendants for you and your friends this season.

Hill City Bride says that creating lace pendants is a great way to celebrate a family heirloom, like a wedding dress. If you’re using lace from Lace Heaven, these unique lace pendants also make wonderful holiday or bridesmaid gifts.

Start out with a swatch of lace you want to feature in the necklace, like our Venice Lace fabric. Next, you’ll need a few pendant trays, this is the part of the necklace that will hold the lace and display it at the same time. Pick up some coordinating glass domes to fit over the pendant trays.

You’ll also need fabric glue, but make sure it will dry clear. And, it’s best to avoid hot glue, because it could melt the fabric or the pendant tray.

Place your glass dome over the fabric, and trace around the dome with a pen or light fabric marker. Cut out the fabric, making sure to cut away all trace of the pen ink. Glue the piece of fabric to the tray.

Once the glue has a chance to dry a bit, add another layer of glue and add the glass dome. If your lace is thin and porous enough, you may not need a second layer of glue: you can affix the glass dome to the pendant using the glue that seeped through from the tray.

Allow the glue to dry, hang from your favorite chain, and you’re all set! If you’re giving these as gifts, add a piece of leather, at least 12 inches in length, which can be tied at the neck. You’ve just created a unique, lace necklace that you can show off this season!

Check out Lace Heaven’s blog for more DIY inspiration, and make sure you check out our miscellaneous craft supplies section for your next project!

How to Make Lace Pottery

Lace is a beautiful addition to everything from décor to clothing. But did you know you can even create lace pottery? Here’s an easy how-to guide to get you started!

Find the perfect lace

Before starting the pottery process, you’ll need to pick out a lace design to use for the pattern. Here at Lace Heaven, we have all kinds of appliques you can choose from – a heart for a wedding gift, florals for a home décor piece, and hundreds of other stunning designs. You’re sure to love them all!

Lace to clay application

Once you’ve found just the right lace, use a rolling pin to roll out a piece of porcelain clay 1/4 inch thick. Make sure the slab is about 4 inches larger than your lace. Place the slab on a piece of cotton fabric, then use the rolling pin to press the lace into the clay so an impression forms. Once you’ve applied sufficient pressure to create the impression, slowly and gently peel back the lace. After the lace has been removed, use a sponge to smooth the clay.

Refine the clay

Next, use a pottery knife to trim around the outline of the lace. A wet sponge or your fingers can be used to smooth the edges and remove any trimmings. Grip the edges of the underlying cotton fabric and slide the clay into a shallow bowl so that the sides of the piece are slightly raised. Carefully press the clay down into the bowl, and let it dry for approximately 2 days. The dry time may vary depending on how damp the clay is and how humid the air is.

After you’ve made your first lace pottery piece, check out more of our incredible products for your next project and visit our blog often for creative ideas!

Three Fall Wedding DIY Crafts

The rich hues of burgundy, burnt orange and plum combined with the crisp, fresh scent in the air makes autumn one of the most beautiful seasons to have your wedding. There are so many unique, earth-inspired ideas to consider and here at Lace Heaven there is nothing we love more than DIY projects!

For couples planning their wedding in the fall, here is a list of our top three wedding crafts for the season:

Gilded Leaf Place Cards

Add a pop of color to your seating arrangement with golden, gilded leaves. Collect and dry fallen leaves and paint them gold. Add your guests’ names with a black ballpoint pen and place them atop each table setting for a touch of shimmer.

Guest Book Tree

Instead of having guests sign a traditional guest book, opt for a unique option that will remind you of your wedding for years to come. Create a guest book tree – painted in autumn hues – and have your guests sign or add their thumb prints to it. The perfect piece to hang in your home together, have the painting framed after your big day!

Pinecone Wedding Favors

Warm your guests with these beautiful and festive pinecone fire starters. The perfect craft for you and your fiancé to make together, dip in mixtures shaded in plum, blue and white tones. Add an adorable tag to each and place in a rustic wicker basket.

Visit Lace Heaven for all your lace, ribbon and crafting supplies and be sure to stop back and share your DIY wedding projects with us. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


Get Your Home Halloween Ready With These Fun Crafts

Graveyards, ghosts and ghouls are popping up all over the neighborhood as Halloween draws near. Whether you are looking to add a festive touch to your home décor or are in need of a project for the whole family, Lace Heaven has an idea or two for you!

Lacey Spiderwebs

Add a fashionable touch to your porch decorations this Halloween with doily spiderwebs, paired with your favorite plastic spider and painted black, they will look sophisticated in the light and spooky at night! For instructions, click here.

Footprint Ghosts

A fun and adorable way to track your children’s growth through the years, your little ones will love the opportunity to stick their feet in some paint! Once pressed onto black canvas, let your kids decorate their ghosts for a unique and memorable touch. They could even make their footprints match their costumes. Add their names and the year at the bottom and hang with ribbon or lace! For instructions, click here.

Lace Pumpkins

Pumpkin guts aren’t for everyone, but there are plenty of other ways to ornament your front lawn this season. One of our favorite ideas is to use lace for a spooky yet sweet look. Use lace and gold spray paint to pattern your pumpkin or paint your pumpkin white and apply lace with Mod Podge. For instructions, click here and here.

For lace, ribbon, buttons, fall themed appliques and more, visit Lace Heaven and be sure to share your finished work! We can’t wait to see your DIY masterpiece, happy fall crafting!

Create a Simple Lace Doily Bowl

Do you need a place to drop your keys or put your rings? This DIY craft will make a pretty bowl for those random items you always seem to misplace! So instead of running to a store to find the perfect small bowl, test your creative side and make your own, don’t worry we will show you how in nine simple steps!

Here is what you will need:

Air-drying clay, lace doily, paint brush, white acrylic paint, rolling pin, small bowl, knife, Sandpaper

Here is how to make it:

To begin, roll your clay to an estimated 3 mm thickness and place your lace doily over the clay and use the rolling pin to press the lace down. Now, carefully remove the lace doily and make sure a lace impression has been left in the clay. Once there is a clear lace impression, lay the bowl upside down over the clay and cut around it with a knife. Take the bowl off and gently life the clay and place it lace-side-up in the bowl. By doing this, you are ensuring that your bowl dries with an even and correct curve.

Let it dry…

Although this may test your patience, you will need to wait a day for the piece to fully dry, but once it does dry you can have a little fun and use sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges and then paint the bowl with the white acrylic paint and let it dry. Now you can set your new bowl on a side table and use it daily!

If you plan on attempting this simple yet useful craft, visit Lace Heaven for your lace pattern of choice and get started today!

Burlap and Lace DIY Craft for Fall Mantel

As summer comes to an end, fall will quickly approach before we know it.  Grab a mug of apple cider and a few friends for a fall crafternoon as you create a burlap and lace autumn bunting.

This craft will give off a rustic vibe of burlap with an elegant touch of lace!

What you will need:

-½ yard burlap

-1 1/8 yard lace



-Hot glue gun and glue sticks


-Letter stencil or craft cutter

Start off by drawing six flag like shapes onto burlap material using the ruler and sharpie marker. Try to make the flags 6 1/2” wide at the top and 7” long. Next, cut a 2” strip of burlap the width of the burlap. Instead of hanging up plain burlap triangles, you’ll want to hand draw or use the letter stencil to add fun fall word, such as “autumn” or “pumpkin.”

After, go back to the strip of burlap you cut and fold the strip in half all the way down, use and iron to crease the burlap well. Go back and fold each rough edge under using the iron so you have crisp edges. Although this step isn’t too difficult, it does require some patience so keep that in mind as you craft.

Next, think about and measure how far apart you want your flags, typically they are 1 ½” apart. Take the tab you added at the top of each flag and put it in between the folded strip of burlap.

Now all you have to do is glue each flag in place with a hot glue gun and press the burlap strip together. When each flag is attached, measure and cut lace and glue it on each flag. There is a variety of lace trim you can choose from here at Lace Heaven that would look perfect with this festive burlap project!

Do you love this craft? Continue to visit our blog for more DIY ideas and count on Lace Heaven for all of your craft and sewing supplies. You will find everything you need to complete the delicate details and fancy flourishes for small and large projects of any kind! Contact us today at 251-478-5644.

Spice Up Your Keychain

Have you changed up your key ring lately? Chances are the same keychains are still hanging there, five years after you purchased your car and three years after you moved into your new apartment. Why not spice things up a bit? After all, you use your keys at least twice every single day!

One of our favorite DIY projects here at Lace Heaven is Sum of Their Stories button cluster key ring. All you’ll need is a couple pliers, a keyring with a chain, jump rings, and your favorite buttons, like the ones we have available from Lace Heaven.

The process is super simple, so even a beginner DIY-er can give it a shot:

  • Start by opening a jump ring by using the two pliers.
  • Then slide the open jump ring through one button hole on one button, and then through one chain link on the key ring.
  • Close it up and repeat with more buttons until the chain on your keyring is filled.

To really make this project special and unique, head over to our ribbons page at Lace Heaven and pick out a few ribbons to add to your keychain. You can create color themes, like the colors of someone’s alma mater, which would make a perfect graduation gift!

We also have pom poms and tassels that would make a great addition to your keychain! Use a glue gun to affix the poms to the buttons for a festive, creative keychain.

Personalized keychains make great gifts for any occasion, and oftentimes you can make them with items you have lying around the house. Grab some keyrings at your local crafts store and get creative!

Don’t forget about our weekly specials here at Lace Heaven and call us today at 251-478-5644 if you have any questions about our products or your order. Happy crafting!


DIY Insider Tip: Simple and Cute Lace Coasters

Coasters are some of the most undervalued home décor items around. Why? All too often they are written off as superfluous fixtures, which do little more than prevent a few water droplets from getting on your coffee table, but the stereotype is wholly misplaced.

Coasters not only orient guests to proper drinking etiquette within a home, but they’re fantastic conversation starters. Whether you’re meeting up with new friends or regrouping with the old, there’s nothing quite like a lovely, ornate coaster to call attention to the beautiful nuances of your home. Not to mention the fact they have been proven to protect wood surfaces from water stains.

Yes, we can hear the sighs from here. “Coasters are tacky,” you might be thinking to yourself. “They don’t go with the aesthetic of my home,” says another voice. That’s why Lace Heaven has decided to step in.

We believe in the versatility of lace coasters, which are already livening up a number of our homes this spring season.

P.S. – Coasters are one of the easiest DIY crafts you can make! Here is a quick breakdown of what to do.

  1. Gather Materials

            Before crafting your coaster, you’ll want to grab the items listed below:

  • Lace yardage (scraps also work!)
  • Chantilly lace trims
  • Spray adhesive
  • Enamel metallic spray paint
  • Tiles (Daltile bullnose glazed ceramic wall tiles, preferably 4 ¼ inches square, semi-gloss, in white)
  • Felt or cork surface protectors
  1. Follow Easy Steps
  • Cut the lace into small pieces in order to cover your tiles. From there, using your spray adhesive, mist one side of the lace and affix it to a tile. Make sure to smooth out any wrinkles as you go.
  • Choose your desired color, and spray paint the lace. Be sure to hold the can about 6 inches away from the surface, slowly swaying in a side-to-side motion.
  • Allow 1 minute to dry, and then carefully peel off the lace and place it on another tile. Believe it or not, you can comfortably reuse one piece 3 or 4 times without reapplying adhesive!
  • Leave the lace to dry. Adhere felt or cork surface protectors on the coaster bottom, as desired.


You’ve now mastered the simple art of lace coasters. Consider giving one to a family member or friend. (Mother’s Day is coming up!) They make for great homemade gifts, and if you need any additional colors, patterns or materials, Lace Heaven always carries an endless inventory of lace.