Lace trim is a staple for anyone who loves crafting, sewing or embellishing their clothes, and it adds an elegant flair to any sewing project. At Lace Heaven, we offer a wide range of beautiful lace trims for sale at wholesale prices, allowing you to finish your project without breaking the bank.

The wholesale lace trim for sale at our Lace Heaven store is as dynamic and varied as the crafts that people create with it. We have many different varieties of wholesale trims – far beyond the traditional lace trim – including unique braids and fancy trim for ornate projects. For example, the braid lace trim can look beautiful on a romantic Valentine’s Day card or on the edge of a decorative throw pillow.

Our sequin trims can add some flash and sparkle to dance outfits and purses, and our fringe trims look wonderful on draperies. Every category of wholesale trim we have for sale is available in dozens of colors and styles to match any project you may be working on. Whether you are looking for a playful, brightly colored trim or a sophisticated lace trim, you’ll find hundreds of trims to choose from at Lace Heaven.

If you have questions about any of our wholesale trim for sale, give us a call today at 251-478-5644.

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