Purple Trim

From royal purple dresses and lavender blankets to baby pajamas and much more, purple trim adds elegance and distinction to any project. Find the right trim for your project at Lace Heaven.

The right trim will bring out the personality and distinctive construction of your project, tying your color scheme together and turning heads. With a wide variety of purple sequin trim, elastic trim, leather, rick rack, pearl, fringe, piping and others trim styles, you can find the right purple finishing touches for your sewing project online at Lace Heaven.

Once you’ve chosen the right color for your trim, you need to find the right shade and the right style. For pieces that are elegant, delicate or formal, purple lace trim will elevate the look, giving a gentle and graceful edge to a baby blanket, pair of pajamas, satin dress or a duvet. This trim will also add a soft, feminine and colorful touch to cotton garments, denim or other common fabrics. Rick rack trim will give your piece visual interest by dividing straight lines with wavy patterns. Purple sequin trim will make your piece sparkle and shine, making it an ideal choice for little girls’ dresses, costumes or pieces designed to get attention. Our purple elastic trim in a variety of colors and shades is great for trim around constricting areas of a garment, such as the waistline, collar or chest, making it easy to slip on and off without removing the extra formality, elegance and detail from the garment.

Browse the different types of purple sequin trim, elastic trim, satin trim and other types for sale online now and find the right piece for your project. Order online or call Lace Heaven at 251-478-5644 for help finding the trim you are looking for.

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