Black Trims

If you need black sequin trim or black elastic trim for your next sewing project, look no further than Lace Heaven. We have every kind of black sequin and elastic trim you need – and then some!

Browse our website to see the wide variety of black sequin, elastic and other kinds of trim we have available for sale. Whether you’re making a Halloween costume, an ice skating or gymnastics outfit, lingerie or any other sewing or crafting project, we’re guaranteed to have what you need. We have so many options that there’s no doubt that you’ll find the black sequin or elastic trim lace that is perfect for anything you’re making.

Some of our black sequin trim comes with contrasting sequin colors, such as bright silver, or is flecked with multicolored glitter. We have scalloped and corded black elastic trim, as well, and a range of many other sequin trim choices. We also sell black braid and fancy trim, black satin trim, black fringe and piping, black rick rack, leather trim and pearl trim.

Our black sequin and elastic trim perfectly complements the other sewing and crafting products we have available, including ribbons, fabrics, applique, buttons and more.

All of our black trim products are available to order online now. To learn more about any of our fabric or ribbon products, give us a call at 251-478-5644 today.

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