Greens Lace & Trims

When people first think of lace and lace trims, they usually consider conventional colors such as white or ivory. However, at Lace Heaven we believe in going above and beyond traditional expectations when it comes to our lace selections. Our lace and lace trims for sale are available in many different color options, including gorgeous blues and greens.

Green lace trim can be used for just about any craft or fabric project. For example, you can use green sequined lace trim to add some sparkle for a mermaid Halloween costume, or use our blue lace trim to make a baby boy’s new blanket, giving him something he will cherish forever. All of our green and blue lace trims for sale are carefully selected and made to last for years without losing the ideal blue or green shade you’ve selected.

Lace Heaven’s green and blue lace trims for sale can be that perfect piece for your next project and last for years of enjoyment with proper care. If you have any questions about our blue and green lace trims, give our experts a call today at 251-478-5644. When you are ready to get started, order your lace online and have it quickly shipped right to your door.

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