Lace Trim Over 3 Inches

Lace trim can be used for so many different purposes. From clothing to curtains, party decorations to crafts around the house, we have seen people use Lace Heaven trim just about everywhere.

We want to make sure that you have the perfect-sized lace trim for whatever you might be making or embellishing, which is why offer a selection of large lace trim options more than 3 inches wide for those special projects.

Lace can be a wonderful statement piece, and a great way to make your lace stand out is to use more of it! We offer lace trims in many large sizes, from 3-inch lace trims all the way up to 30-inch panels. You can use the 3- or 4-inch lace trims to add something special to the hem of a favorite skirt or blouse. Or, if 3-, 4- or 5-inch lace trim is not wide enough for your project, you can choose a lace trim as wide as 8 or 9 inches. You might use one of these larger lace trims to cover an entire handbag, or make fun, unique book covers.

Every one of our lace trims more than 3 inches wide is made from high quality lace, but priced reasonably so you can finish your project within your budget. Order your wide lace trim online now from Lace Heaven or call us at 251-478-5644 today.

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