How to Make Lace Pottery

Lace is a beautiful addition to everything from décor to clothing. But did you know you can even create lace pottery? Here’s an easy how-to guide to get you started!

Find the perfect lace

Before starting the pottery process, you’ll need to pick out a lace design to use for the pattern. Here at Lace Heaven, we have all kinds of appliques you can choose from – a heart for a wedding gift, florals for a home décor piece, and hundreds of other stunning designs. You’re sure to love them all!

Lace to clay application

Once you’ve found just the right lace, use a rolling pin to roll out a piece of porcelain clay 1/4 inch thick. Make sure the slab is about 4 inches larger than your lace. Place the slab on a piece of cotton fabric, then use the rolling pin to press the lace into the clay so an impression forms. Once you’ve applied sufficient pressure to create the impression, slowly and gently peel back the lace. After the lace has been removed, use a sponge to smooth the clay.

Refine the clay

Next, use a pottery knife to trim around the outline of the lace. A wet sponge or your fingers can be used to smooth the edges and remove any trimmings. Grip the edges of the underlying cotton fabric and slide the clay into a shallow bowl so that the sides of the piece are slightly raised. Carefully press the clay down into the bowl, and let it dry for approximately 2 days. The dry time may vary depending on how damp the clay is and how humid the air is.

After you’ve made your first lace pottery piece, check out more of our incredible products for your next project and visit our blog often for creative ideas!

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