Create a Beautiful Lace Pendant

Bold and unique jewelry that you wear probably gets you a lot of compliments as you go about your day; but some of the jewelry that’s available online and in major stores these days is so ordinary and re-done. Why not try making your own, unique piece of jewelry that will look perfect with each of your favorite fall outfits? Read on to learn how to make lace pendants for you and your friends this season.

Hill City Bride says that creating lace pendants is a great way to celebrate a family heirloom, like a wedding dress. If you’re using lace from Lace Heaven, these unique lace pendants also make wonderful holiday or bridesmaid gifts.

Start out with a swatch of lace you want to feature in the necklace, like our Venice Lace fabric. Next, you’ll need a few pendant trays, this is the part of the necklace that will hold the lace and display it at the same time. Pick up some coordinating glass domes to fit over the pendant trays.

You’ll also need fabric glue, but make sure it will dry clear. And, it’s best to avoid hot glue, because it could melt the fabric or the pendant tray.

Place your glass dome over the fabric, and trace around the dome with a pen or light fabric marker. Cut out the fabric, making sure to cut away all trace of the pen ink. Glue the piece of fabric to the tray.

Once the glue has a chance to dry a bit, add another layer of glue and add the glass dome. If your lace is thin and porous enough, you may not need a second layer of glue: you can affix the glass dome to the pendant using the glue that seeped through from the tray.

Allow the glue to dry, hang from your favorite chain, and you’re all set! If you’re giving these as gifts, add a piece of leather, at least 12 inches in length, which can be tied at the neck. You’ve just created a unique, lace necklace that you can show off this season!

Check out Lace Heaven’s blog for more DIY inspiration, and make sure you check out our miscellaneous craft supplies section for your next project!

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