5 Fun and Fashionable DIY Winter Crafts

winter crafts

A New Year is finally upon us, offering up opportunities to start anew; it’s time to get those resolutions rolling and get crafting! With winter weather at its peak for many places around the U.S. (especially this week), that’s exactly what you need to be doing to keep busy if you’re stuck inside, keeping your mind and fingers busy.

And just because we have to bundle up to stay warm this time of year doesn’t mean we can’t look cute doing it. For those of you who are looking for a fresh, fashion-forward winter wardrobe that will also keep you warm and cozy, this is the post for you! We scoured the internet to find some fun DIY projects that have all of the above covered.

Here are five DIY winter crafts that will keep you looking hot in the cold winter weather:

1.)  Snuggly Bow Headband via Clones N Clowns

Turn a pair of old knit tights into a cozy bow headband with this step-by-step tutorial! Not everyone is crazy about wearing a hat on their head to keep ears warm outside. With this craft, you not only have a new hair accessory, but a cute way to keep those ears shielded from the wind.

2.) DIY Long Gloves via Born in ’82

Long gloves are always in and a great and edgy way to keep you warm and cozy whether inside or out. The best part about these is that you can choose whatever pattern you like! If you have a collection of old sweaters gathering dust, you can even make a whole collection to go with multiple outfits. (Or save some material to tackle a few other projects!)

3.) Studded Neck Warmer via My Junky Box

Add any kind of accents to your DIY neck warmer that you like; buttons, studs, pearls, use your imagination to fit your personal style. If you’re looking for a little something with an edge to go with your ‘going out’ outfits, studs are perfect!

4.) DIY Sweater Boots via Urban Threads

The only thing cuter than wearing a sweater on your body, is wearing them on your feet. It’s the best way to keep those tootsies looking cute and staying cozy. Urban Threads provides us with a great tutorial using an old sweater, cheap flat shoes, some glue and sewing skills. You’ll have cute, slouchy sweater boots in no time!

5.) Lace Sweatshirt via P.S. – I made this

Have an old sweatshirt laying around? Easily turn what may seem like an outdated piece of clothing into something fashionable by breathing life into it with lace trim. You dress up almost anything with lace and believe it or not, old sweatshirts are far from an exception to that rule!

Happy crafting, fashion lovers!

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