Stretch Lace Trim

Stretch lace trim can be a great option for those sewing or craft projects where the lace will need to move and expand. For example, stretch lace trim is perfect for clothing that might get pulled or moved often. No matter what project you’re working on that needs stretch lace, our wholesale inventory of stretch lace trim for sale is always available at our incredible prices.

Many sewers and crafters will use our wholesale stretch lace trim for hems and collars of shirts. A simple line of lace trim can make that ordinary shirt beautiful, but still be flexible enough for use as a collar or hem. You also can use stretch lace to make your own wedding garter, or you can add a splash of lace to your comfiest pair of leggings. Our stretch lace for sale is able to move with the flexible legging material, so you will not have to worry about it tearing. You could even put some stretch lace on socks to feel a little extra fancy every day.

Once you find a piece of stretch lace trim that you like in our online store, take a look through our selection of colors to find the right shade that works best with your personal sense of style and aesthetics.

For help finding the perfect wholesale stretch lace trim or for more information on shipping or special order needs, call Lace Heaven today at 251-478-5644.

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